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Welcome to the I-5 QMC



33 cars for round 2 outlasted the weather!  Results and Points are posted.

Pictures on the I-5 QMC Facebook Page

Racing resumes for Round 3 June 4th

Information for the 2016 Season and Rain Out policy/procedure can be found here




Welcome to our 5 newest driver who completed drivers training

and will begin racing at our next race - June 4th!

Well done drivers Trace, Traycen, Maverik, Andrew, & Jacob!


There is still an opportunity to get signed up if you're interested

in getting into the sport this season.  Contact Kyle White for details.


Schedule Poster created by Dunsire Printers in Aberdeen.  Thanks Alex!



55 kids took the opportunity to try out their race car

skills at our Try A Quarter Midget Day in Elma!

Thank you all for coming and another great job to the

members of the I-5 QMC for all of their hard work.

Results for the 2016 Winter Blast Champions are posted.

Plenty of pictures, comments, and full race results are on the I-5 QMC Facebook page





Club Officers for 2016 are:

President - Kyle White

V. President - Matt Taborski

Secretary - Vicky Watkins

Treasurer - Jeannie White

Tower - Terry Douglas

Safety - Ross Watkins

Track - Rick Wickstrom

Snack Shack - Jennifer Taborski

Tech Committee - Greg Greer, Jerry Saeger, Bert Stevens, Jerod Morris


Thank you everyone for stepping up!!!!!




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Photo by Kyle White




A few notes by Region 9 Director Denise Smutny from the National Meeting.....

National Meeting Highlights:

Here are highlights for changes that occurred at the national meeting. The overall notes of the meeting will be in the short sheet and discussed at our January Regional meeting.

Jody Autunno, national safety, suggested that if people are going to use side head supports that they use the Kirkey or Grizz support or at least one manufactured by a known company. He does not suggest making your own restraint as it may not give the necessary support or flex to absorb shock.
The ¼ turn gas cap is legal. A new RCP has made it a DQ offense to lose a gas cap. He also discussed that for the ¼ turn gas cap that a gasket be added to the cap to hold it on tighter.

Hvy Animal unrestricted will be a new class for 2016. Sr Animal weight will go back to 275 and the weight for Hvy will be 325.
No changes to driver weights/ages.
Sr Stock will no longer be a class at the Grands effective 2016 but will be approved at local/regional levels.
For 2016 there will be a modified WF motor available that will run in the “AA” class. It has a modified Cam, flywheel, valves and blue coil the modification runs about $480. This motor will be run with the A’s at Columbus, theThanksgiving race and at Vegas. It will run at the current A class weight of 325lbs.
Jr ½ class – treadwidth 28-38 and new wheel base is 48-56.
Gas for the 2016 grands will be purchased by the racer at a designated gas station. You will have option to have your gas tested before going out if you wish to.
Open Event pass:
There will be a new option for racers that are not QMA members for 2016 called an Event Pass
Family $40
Alternate $20

Grands Format Effective 2016 (RCP 16)
Grands format starting 2016 will be Qualifying, heats and mains. You will get points for qualifying and heats that will be the lineup for the main events. All classes will be six into the mains with four moving up
Jr classes effective 2016 will be 10 cars same as seniors. Only novice will be 8 cars. (RCP 8)
You will be required to purchase tires at the grands and you will use those tires for qualifying, heats and the A main.
Races will be hot out of the chute.

2017 Grands
West – WQMA
East – Central Ohio
Dirt- St Croix




Race Cars & Equipment


Visit the classified section or the I-5 QMC Facebook site

to see what is available now and at great prices.



In our 19th year of dirt track Quarter Midget Racing.....

The I-5 QMC at The Grays Harbor Mini Raceway




Visit the I-5 QMC Facebook Page for more of

the latest information about the club!

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