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Welcome to the I-5 QMC


Help Needed - Important information from Pres Kyle White


As you know, we've just graduated 10 new novices from the Little Wheels/I-5 combined novice training.  They graduated on Saturday and raced in the Novice Challenge on Sunday.  Now my focus is shifting to Novice Training Round 2. 

For Novice Training Round 2, the novices will have 4 on-track days and 2 observation days.  The on-track days are self-explanatory.  The observation days will be conducted in conjunction with our first 2 club races.  During each race day, we'll have the Round 2 novice handlers rotate around 5 stations and their focus will be to learn (or at least gain an understanding) of each of those stations.  The stations are:

  • scales
  • tower
  • pit boss
  • race director
  • judging

At this point, we have 9 novices who have indicated they will participate in the 2nd round of training.  This is a larger group that Matt and I are going to be able to handle.  We will need your help.  Please take a look at the schedule and see if you can volunteer for some or all of the days.  Those novice families who just completed novice training are also welcome to help out. 

Please see the attachment, (link to Novice training day schedule of events)

Kyle White
President I-5 Quarter Midget Club
Region 9 Assistant Director



A few notes from Pres Kyle White regarding the start of the 2015 racing season

  • This year your racer will be required to wear SFI compliant fireproof pants as well as a jacket or a full suit
  • This year, you will need a 5 point harness including the anti-submarine (crotch) belt.  If you still have a year left on your belts, you can buy just the crotch belt from G&G for $12.50 but get your order in soon because he's had a hard time keeping them in stock.  G&G has also received an order of Vega tires if you need those.
  • If you have not re-registered, please do so.  The online registration has given people troubles so if you need hard copies, please send me your address and I'll get them to you.
  • We've got a great group of novices currently going through training at Little Wheels.  These 10 racers will graduate on April 11th and race in the Novice Challenge on April 12th.  We have a 2nd group of novices that will start training on our track on May 2.  At last count, there were approximately 7 scheduled for the 2nd round.  If you are available to assist with novice training, I could use the help.  The dates are May 2, 3, 9, 10, 30, and 31.
  • The work party is scheduled for May 2nd.  Times will be posted later.
  • Little Wheels and Yakima kick off their season on April 18th for those of you who can't stand to wait until our season opener on May 9th.  In fact, Yakima will be racing April 18th (club race 1) and April 19th (club race 2) and is the weekend before their region race.
  • The first region race of the season will be in Yakima on April 25th and 26th.



I-5 Shines at Region 9 Novice Challenge!!!!!

Cole Borden wins the Jr Novice division and Taye Lassard wins the Sr Novice division at the Region 9 Novice Challenge held at Little Wheels

this past weekend.  Well done drivers and handlers!  Hats off to all the new drivers and extra thanks to Little Wheels for hosting the event and

combining their Novice training with I-5 so that our drivers were able to compete in the annual event!  More to come!!!!!!!!


Race Cars & Equipment


Visit the classified section or the I-5 QMC Facebook site

to see what is available now and at great prices.



Race Schedule is Posted

The 2015 Race Schedule is posted on the Schedule Page

Scroll further down the page or check the calendar for

the Region and National schedules, along with other events.

The Novice Training dates are set as well.  Visit the

Novice & Handler Info page or the calendar for those dates

and more information about getting started in QMA


Good Luck Drivers!



2015 Novice Training Info

There is still time to get enrolled in novice training classes for the 2015 season.  The second round of training begins May 2 in Elma.

Prospective novices; please email Kyle at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get more information or to get signed up. 


Round 2 Training Dates:

Location:  I-5 Quarter Midget Club, 37 Elma McCleary Rd., Elma
Dates:  May 2, 3, 9, 10, 30, & 31st

Note:  This training will be 6 days long (3 weekends) and would begin one week

before the race season starts so your child wouldn't be able to compete in the first

2 (of 10) races held at the I-5 QMC this season. 

Check the Novice & Handler Info on the web site, or the I-5 QMC Facebook page for more info




More than 70 kids took part in Ride Day!!!!

Another successful weekend for the I-5 QMC in hosting the Ride Day and the 2015 Winter Blast!

Comments and pictures can be found on the club Facebook page here

It takes a team to be a success.  Well done I-5!

Try A Quarter Midget Day getting underway - picture by Kyle White






Beginning our 18th year of dirt track Quarter Midget Racing.....

The I-5 QMC at The Grays Harbor Mini Raceway





Orders for Hoodies with the design above can now be placed.

Contact Kyle White with size and color to have your order placed



Visit the I-5 QMC Facebook Page for more of

the latest information about the club!

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